Google gets a facelift

Google search results It looks like Google has finally come up with a search results page to go along with their revised home page with fade-in effect. The UI is a little bit different, most notably the filters along the left sidebar, as you can see in the screenshot. Coincidently the first search result on that page is for Bing.

I’m a big fan of the filters they provide. The time sensitive filter is probably something I’ll use a lot, especially when researching anything programming related. I can filter to make sure the information is current and still applicable.

google search results with screenshot filterYou can also sort results along with a screenshot of the page itself. I really like this feature for the simple fact that you can get a quick glance of a page design and main content elements without diving all the way in.

Overall it’s a big move for what everyone across the net is used to seeing. At the same time it’s still pretty vanilla – but useful in all the right ways. I’m curious to see if a lot of people even notice.

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